107 Creative November Puns To Warm Up Your Fall Season

November is here, and it’s time to “fall” in love with some seriously “corny” puns. Get ready for a harvest of humor that will leave you grinning like a jack-o’-lantern.

Prepare to “leaf” through a collection of November puns.

These jokes are “autumn-matically” going to make your day better.

You “butter” believe it, they’re that good.

So, “lettuce” start this pun-tastic adventure!

November One-Liner: Witty Words to Fall For

– Autumn-atic laughter guaranteed this November.

– Leaves are falling, and so are our expectations for snow.

– Turkey trot your way into November with a smile.

– November’s got us feeling all kinds of cozy vibes.

Spice things up this November with some pumpkin sass.

– November nights are lit with our witty remarks.

– Harvest those giggles before the frost bites.

– Sweater weather? More like better weather for laughs.

– Keep calm and gobble on this November.

– November: the month of stuffing and laughing.

Time to turnip the humor this fall.

– Let’s kale it like it is: November’s great.

– Don’t leaf me hanging, let’s enjoy November.

– You’re gourd-geous for loving November!

– November’s humor is fresher than a cranberry.

– Acorny joke a day keeps the gloom away.

– November: the time to squash all worries.

– Let’s fall into November with a grin.

– November’s here, let’s brew some fun.

– Fry-yay! It’s November, bring on the laughs.

Tickling Your Funny Bone with November Puns

– November be-leaf in yourself month, so don’t fall to pieces.

– I asked my calendar why it was looking so sullen, and it said it felt a little dis-Novembered.

– If November were a band, it would be called The Autumnatic Sound.

– I tried to make a good pumpkin pie last November, but it turned out to be a squash-tastrophe.

– November: A time when every leaf counts its days before they all autumn away.

– My November wardrobe mainly consists of cozy sweaters – I’m just knit that way.

– November skies are clear because they are too busy leaf-ing it up on the ground.

– When turkeys act up in November, they always get the stuffing knocked out of them.

– November’s recipe for happiness: Just add spices and everything will be all right.

– The scarecrow won an award last November because he was outstanding in his field.

– November is a-maize-ing; just get lost in its beauty like a corn maze.

– Leaves are falling down this November, and it’s tree-mendously funny.

– November: where the weather turns so crisp, it’s hard not to snap in delight.

– Why don’t trees travel in November? Because they already autumn-vacationed.

– A November without pie is simply un-be-leaf-able.

November Knockouts: Puns That Aren’t What They Seem

– Leaves galore in November, but let’s leave the bad puns aside.

– Turkey trots and family squabbles, November really knows how to dish it out.

– Changing gears this month? Watch out for shifts in the fall.

– Harvest some humor before November crops up on you.

– Glee or gourd, November sees everyone carving out their niche.

– November’s cool breezes blow minds with fresh puns.

– The countdown to December is intense; time to turn up the heat.

– November sales pitch in more than just deals—tune into the puns.

– Don’t fall for the same old jokes; leaf them behind.

– Time flies in November, but don’t let these puns get grounded.

– Stash your November gains and see how they’ll stack up.

– November’s lineup of puns will really have you stumped.

– Don’t be a scarecrow, these November puns have more straw than bite.

– Step into November with a punny bounce in every fall.

– Check the calendar: November puns are timely and timeless.

Autumn-atically Amusing: November Puns to Fall For

– November is un-be-leaf-able with all its colorful surprises.

– The turkey couldn’t believe it was November; he was in total de-nile!

– As the days grow shorter, November leaves us wanting s’more.

– November is nuts, and I’m acorn-y for all its festivities.

– When leaves fall in November, we get a lot of leaf-overs.

– November weather might be brisk, but these puns are on fire.

– In November, you can really feel the autumn-atic charm in the air.

– November rain is just autumn crying because it has to leaf soon.

– When the clock falls back, November gives us more thyme to spice up our lives.

– November is the month to gourd yourself for the harvest.

– I’m not lion when I say November roars with excitement.

– November is truly a-maize-ing with its cornucopia of delights.

– During November, nights may be longer, but the days are pun-ishingly fun.

– November nights are the best thyme for a cozy, pun-derful chat by the fire.

– November always leaves us with so much to fall back on and be thankful for.

Falling for November: Punderful Playtime

– There’s a lot at steak during Thanksgiving dinner, especially when it comes to the tur-key players.

– November’s weather doesn’t leaf much to be desired, but it sure branches out our wardrobe choices.

– Why did the scarecrow become a motivational speaker? He was outstanding in his November field.

– That gobbler on the table isn’t just any turkey—it’s November’s own “poultry-geist.”

– When you’re thankful for leftovers, you might say, “I’m all in gravy!”

– November’s cold snap is no joking matter, but you can always find someone with a “chill” sense of humor.

– The cranberries were a “sauce-tacular” addition to the Thanksgiving feast.

– November nights are perfect for “sweater” weather and “snuggle” struggles.

– My favorite November hobby? Hitchin’ a “hayride” to relaxation village.

– Hearing “pumpkin-spice” might make you fall head-over-gourds in love with November.

– Did the turkey have plans for Black Friday? No, he was already “stuffed.”

– November’s harvest moon always brings out the crop-star in everyone.

– Thanksgiving football? It’s a real “puntastic” tradition.

– During November, I always “autumn-matically” start feeling more festive.

– November dinners can be a real “yamtastic” affair, especially when the marshmallow-topped sides arrive.

November Nonsense: Punning Through the Penultimate Month

– A penny for your November thoughts.

– An apple a day keeps the November blues away.

– Don’t put all your fall leaves in one basket.

– November showers bring Thanksgiving flowers.

– A stitch in November saves nine.

– Better late than never, but better November than ever.

– Don’t bite off more turkey than you can chew.

– Every cloud has a pumpkin-spiced lining.

– Kill two birds with one cranberry sauce.

– You can’t judge a pie by its crust.

– Curiosity baked the pumpkin pie.

– The early bird catches the Black Friday deals.

– All’s well that carves well.

– When the going gets tough, the tough get stuffing.

– Don’t count your turkeys before they hatch.

– A November in the hand is worth two in the store.

– You can’t see the forest for the November trees.

– It’s always darkest before the pie.

– Make hay while the November sun shines.

– When life gives you November, make pumpkin pie.

November Knock-Knock Jokes: Puns of the Month

– No-shave November? More like No-vember the reason I look like a caveman!

– I’m so good at November, I can even make the turkeys gobble with laughter.

– November is a-maize-ing. Corny jokes all month long!

– I asked the calendar if it was ready for November. It said, “I’m ember-rassed.”

– Why don’t trees fight in November? Because they turn over a new leaf.

– November isn’t just a month, it’s a pun-derful time of the year.

– I’m nuts about November. It’s truly acorn-y month.

– November is like a leaf – it always falls for us.

– November? More like No-ember, I ain’t saying goodbye to Halloween yet!

– The best thing about November? It’s a-maize-ing how much food we eat.

– November, you’re such a turkey! Always gobbling up my time.

– November’s weather can be so chili. It’s soup-er cold!

– November makes my heart grow fonder, especially around the hearth.

– November is the pie-oneering month of the holiday season.

– It’s November. Lettuce give thanks and romaine calm.

– Every November, I find myself getting into the leaf of things.

– November’s full of stuffing – and I’m not just talking about the turkey.

– November is the month of the pun-kin spice everything.

– November’s motto: “Gobble till you wobble!”

– Why was November always invited to parties? Because it was an autumn-atic good time!

November Puns: Double the Fun

– November makes me feel so a-maize-ing.

– In November, I’m thankful for brew-tiful moments.

– This November, let’s rake in the good times.

– Leaf your worries behind; it’s November.

– Let’s gobble up some fun this November.

– November is unbe-leaf-able.

– In November, I’m truly stuffed with gratitude.

– November weather is totally fall-dacious.

– I’m in a plaid state of mind this November.

– Sweater weather in November has me woolly happy.

– November: where leaf-ing the house is optional.

– Fall in November is acorn-y but cute.

– November chills make me pumpkin spice and everything nice.

– November has me falling for fall.

– I’m going nuts over November pecans.

– November is my jam; it’s the toast of the season.

– November rains pour down buttery goodness.

– Gourd times roll in November.

– Feeling pine and dandy this November.

– November might be chili, but it’s hot stuff to me.
November puns bring a special kind of warmth and humor to the chilly season. They add a playful touch to our conversations and brighten up the short autumn days. So, embrace the fun and share some November puns with friends and family to spread the laughter.


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