Best Time Puns to Explore Without Wasting a Second

Tick-tock! Ready to clock in some fun? Time puns are here to make every second count!

Why should you read on?

Because these puns are “second” to none.

You’ll have a “minute” of delight with each one. Let’s have a blast, one pun at a time!

Tick-Tock One-Liner Time Puns

1. Thins are getting serious, I need to c-lock-in.
2. I’m on a clockwork diet, but I haven’t lost any time.
3. My watch is broken, but it’s about time.
4. I told my clock to chill, now it’s just hands-down cool.
5. Time flies when you’re having fun, but it crashes when you’re working.
6. Got a second? No, I have sixty seconds.
7. The future is just a minute away.
8. Alarm clocks don’t go off; they start the day.
9. Just a matter of thyme before the herbs joke starts.
10. I’m second to none, but I’m minute to everyone.
11. Don’t watch the clock; do what it does—keep going.
12. The past, present, and future walked into a bar. It was tense.
13. I used to have a wristwatch addiction but I’ve got it under control now.
14. My calendar is booked, but time will tell.
15. Making time for my hobby was a clockwork decision.
16. I told my watch we’re breaking up, it was about time.
17. It’s never too late to clock in.
18. The clock’s battery died, and time stood still.
19. I don’t have time for long jokes, just second-hand ones.
20. I’m saving time in a piggy bank.

Time Puns

Tickled by Time: Puns That Clock In

1. I was going to tell you a time travel joke, but you didn’t like it.
2. Time flies when you’re having rum.
3. Did you hear about the mad scientist who tried to make a belt out of watches? It was a waist of time.
4. A watch thief stole my watch, now he has too much time on his hands.
5. I wanted to become a watchmaker, but I found it too time-consuming.
6. I opened a bakery that specializes in bread and clocks. It’s called “Dough Time.”
7. If you’re late again, your boss might clock you.
8. The calendar’s days are numbered, just like ours.
9. I set my alarm clock to wake me up with a joke. It was a real alarm pun.
10. I took up watching the clock, but it was only a second-hand hobby.
11. I bought a clock radio, but the time was AMiss.
12. Did you hear about the man who put his clock under his pillow? He wanted to have a good night’s tick.
13. I thought about a time-traveling business, but I couldn’t find the right segment.
14. I wonder why time travelers are always so punctual—they must really know how to time manage.
15. I can’t get my new watch to work—it’s about time I get it fixed.
16. The timekeeper broke his clock; now he’s not worth a second glance.
17. My friend told me he knew the exact time he’d die; he’s just killing time now.
18. When the clock factory closed, all the workers were given severance time.
19. They asked me how a watch works, but it’s second nature to me.
20. I’d tell you another time pun, but you’ll have to wait a second.

Time Puns

Tick-Tock Witticisms: Dual-Meaning Time Puns

1. The clockmaker always has second-hand pride.
2. A clock’s favorite music genre? Rock around the clock.
3. Watches do well in debates because they always take their time.
4. Midnight is the best story-teller; it’s known to be dark and stormy.
5. Minute hands need a grip—why else are they always clutching?
6. It’s tough for a clock to finish an essay; it’s always running out of time.
7. Sundials have the worst scars, all from time wounds.
8. Digital clocks have bright futures but dim pasts.
9. Pocket watches love puns; they’re always in good second-hand humor.
10. Alarm clocks understand pay-per-view; they always charge in the morning.
11. Hourglasses should have glasses; they’re sand-blind.
12. Broken clocks still get ahead—they’re right on time twice a day.
13. Grandfather clocks are always so hand-down.
14. Talking about time travel can take hours.
15. A calendar’s favorite tool is its date-a-base.
16. Century-old trees have deep-rooted time—talk about a growth spurt.
17. You can’t fault an hourglass for taking sand breaks.
18. The sun always has a set time, and it rises to the occasion.
19. No need to watch the watch; it’s always on a clock-work diet.
20. Time flies when clocks are having fun.

Time Puns

Tick-Talk: Homonymous Time Puns

1. I once had a job as a watchmaker, but I just couldn’t make the hours hand-le it.
2. When the clock struck midnight, it really hit home.
3. I asked the clock out, but it just wanted to hang around.
4. She was always ahead of her time, especially when she wore that fast watch.
5. They told me to give it time, so I handed over my wristwatch.
6. The hourglass is running low on sand, but don’t worry, it’s just a passing phase.
7. I told my sundial it was timeless, it didn’t cast a shadow of a doubt.
8. The calendar factory closed down, management couldn’t date the issue.
9. When the alarm clock sings, it’s always on tempo.
10. The stopwatch didn’t have time for nonsense; it was always counting on itself.
11. I broke up with my clock because it was going too fast for me.
12. Daylight saving time always springs ahead but falls short.
13. The old clock tower was really a second hand store.
14. My friend asked if the clock was broken, but I assured him it was just taking a minute.
15. The grandfather clock told the cuckoo clock to grow up and stop being so bird-brained.
16. Every leap year, my calendar takes a long jump.
17. The ancient sundial went on a date and really made time stand still.
18. The digital clock couldn’t keep up, it lost its second chance.
19. When the clock proposed to the wristwatch, it was a timely engagement.
20. Time flies, but only when you’re having hour-ageous fun.

Time Puns

Tick-Tock Chuckles: Time and Its Wacky Twins

1. Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana.
2. Clocks are like smart phones—they both tick you off when they’re slow.
3. Finding time is like looking for a cat in a dark room—especially when there’s no cat.
4. Time zones are like socks; they’re never where you expect them to be.
5. Just like a bad haircut, time waits for no one.
6. When time gets digital, it’s like your grandma using emojis—confusing but endearing.
7. Time and dough rise when left alone, but only one makes a good pizza.
8. If time were socks, we’d always end up with mismatched pairs.
9. Just like Wi-Fi signals, time becomes scarce when you need it most.
10. Absurdly, time and pancakes are best flipped—unless they’re stuck on the pan.
11. Time management is like juggling cats—sounds impressive, never actually works.
12. Just like soap in the shower, time slips right through your fingers.
13. Time and ice cream both melt away; only one leaves you sticky.
14. If procrastination were a sport, time would be the uncatchable winning ball.
15. When you’re bored, time is like your least favorite relative—always hanging around.
16. Watches and relationships both get wound up, but only one should be waterproof.
17. Holidays and time both disappear faster than you can say “Where did the day go?”
18. Time and cheese both get better with age, but one smells distinctly less appealing.
19. You can’t rewind time or spaghetti—both end up in a tangled mess.
20. Time is like bubble wrap—you can’t resist popping through it but regret it later.

Time Puns

Tick-Tock Tickles: A Fusion of Time Puns

1. Time flies when you’re having pun.
2. Clock up your ideas; there’s no time to waste.
3. A stitch in time saves nine, but a pun in time is divine!
4. I’m cranking the time machine; it’s a pun o’clock!
5. Time’s up when the cuckoo puns out of the clock.
6. Don’t be a second-rate joker; clock puns are first class!
7. Time waits for gnome-an—especially at midnight.
8. Just a matter of time till this pun hourglass runs out.
9. It’s high time we put those old puns to rest—alarmingly funny ones, that is!
10. Sundials? More like fun-dials with great timing!
11. Don’t hour-run your humor—keep it timely!
12. Take your time; great puns are worth the wait.
13. Clocks tell us the time, but only puns make it ticklish.
14. Minute details matter when crafting timeless puns.
15. My watch is pun-stoppable!
16. The best time to make a pun? O’clocking right now!
17. Times change, but puns are eternal.
18. The future is pun-limited; it’s all about timing.
19. Some puns have a shelf time—they’re a tick above the rest!
20. Let’s put a time-out on bad jokes and make room for punny ones.

Time Puns

Tick-Tock Talk: Clever Time Puns That Make Every Second Count

1. A stitch in time saves nine.
2. Time flies when you’re having fun.
3. Better late than never.
4. Time heals all wounds.
5. Time and tide wait for no one.
6. Killing time.
7. In the nick of time.
8. Third time’s the charm.
9. Time is money.
10. Time waits for no man.
11. Time will tell.
12. Bide your time.
13. Race against time.
14. Time on your hands.
15. All in good time.
16. Time is of the essence.
17. A matter of time.
18. Time marches on.
19. Out of time.
20. Time after time.

Tickling the Clock: Clever Spins on Time Puns

1. It’s high thyme to start seasoning your schedule.
2. Let’s make every second double-thyme the fun.
3. I’m minute-ly grateful for your hours of support.
4. I’ve clocked in; now it’s time for some pun and games.
5. Hour you feeling about this timeless humor?
6. Second chances are just minute miracles.
7. Busy as a clock! Minute-by-minute tasks.
8. Wow, did you see that? It was a clock and awe moment!
9. I’ll second that! Your timing is impeccable.
10. Every hour has its minute, seize them both.
11. Timeless jokes are just second nature to me.
12. You have an alarm-ing sense of humor!
13. I’m just seconding that frenzy of fun.
14. Time for some hands-on experience.
15. You’ve got a minute? Let’s watch and learn.
16. Hour-glass is half full of laughter.
17. It’s about time for some sundial humor.
18. Let’s not waste a second taking these puns for granite.
19. This is your time to clock out and enjoy.
20. With puns like these, we’re second to none.

Tick-Tock Twisters: Clever Time Puns

1. Clocking in is a timely affair.
2. Watch out, these puns are second to none.
3. Time flies when you’re having pun.
4. Our friendship is timeless.
5. Don’t be alarmed, it’s just a pun.
6. Be a clock star, it’s time to shine.
7. Time heals all puns.
8. It’s about time someone made you laugh.
9. Punctuality is a second nature to me.
10. Don’t waste time reading other jokes.
11. Time and tide wait for no pun.
12. Meet you at the hour of hilarity.
13. Sundials are a timeless classic.
14. These jokes are really minute.
15. Time waits for no punster.
16. You’ve got a minute? I’ve got time puns.
17. The past, present, and future walk into a bar…it was tense.
18. I set my alarm for pun o’clock.
19. Spring forward, fall back into laughter.
20. It’s high time you appreciated wordplay.

Time puns add a playful twist to the way we talk about the hours and minutes in our day.

They bring humor and lightness to conversations, making even the most mundane moments entertaining.

So, the next time you’re watching the clock, remember to enjoy the tick-tock of a good pun!


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