137 Church Puns That Will Have You Chuckling in Pews

Holy humor, Batman! If you’re looking for a divine dose of laughter, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post is a sanctuary of chuckles!

Ready to fill your cup with heavenly giggles?

Expect a sermon of silliness.

These puns will have you pew-rolling. Hallelujah, let the laughter begin!

Heavenly Humor: Divine Church One-Liners

– Sermons are the original podcasts.

– Bible stories really Noah how to inspire.

Grape juice is the wine of the covenant.

– Saints have a halo effect on people.

– Church bells ring in the holy days.

– Shepherds always have a flock of followers.

– Choir practice is a hymn-possible mission.

– Clergy have a lot of altar-native views.

– Angel investors are truly divine.

– Parables are Jesus’ original tweets.

– Mass attendance is a pew-tiful sight.

– Confession is good for the soul and soles.

– Holy water is a splash hit.

– The congregation loves a good altar call.

– Psalms are the musical notes of heaven.

– Baptism is a splash into faith.

– Pastors always give sermon-ious advice.

– Church events are a faith-raising experience.

– God’s love is cross-continental.

– Hymns are the divine playlist.

Heavenly Humors: Church Puns

– The choir thought they were pitch-perfect, but the congregation was in a different pew altogether.

– I told my friend we should meet at the altar, but he thought I said we should go find some salt there.

– The priest always kept his sermons short because he didn’t want to be accused of pulpit fiction.

– When the church bell broke, the congregation realized it was a sign they needed a little more “ring-spiration.”

– They couldn’t decide on a hymnal, so they ended up with a “song-spiracy” theory.

– The parish chef was an ordained minister; they called him the “holy roast.”

– The church janitor was always upbeat; he said cleanliness is next to godliness, especially when you’re “a-mopping.”

– When the choir organized a bake sale, they ended up with a “humble pie-ety” competition.

– The Sunday school teacher wanted to practice with real animals but got stuck with “revel-lambs” instead of revelations.

– It was easy to spot the new preacher at the potluck; he was the man-a-god with the casser-ole.

– They tried to baptize the cat, but it turned into a “purr-suit of happiness.

– I thought the pastor liked to fish, but it turns out he just enjoyed a good sermon on de-sea-pleship.

– When the clergy took up knitting, the congregation dubbed them the “holy knit-tion.

– The organist decided to become a comedian, but everyone told her she’d be better off sticking to “organ-ized” religion.

– We had a saintly debate over the best place to pray: it was a tie between “kneel and fur-give” and “stand and de-liver.”

Heavenly Homographs: The Fun Side of Church Puns

– Priest takes a break; time for a little “altar”-ation.

– The choir was pitch-perfect at the church fair.

– Organ donor? No, organ player at the church!

– Sermon was intense; it really “pew”-t the crowd in silence.

– The pastor’s pastry was a holy roll.

– Bible study got really “texts”-tual last night.

– The bishop’s chess skills are truly “diocesan”-al (diagonal).

– Chapel windows were truly divine panes.

– Altar wine tasting? Sounds like a “spirited” event!

– The church bell’s ring truly “altar”-ed the morning.

– Shear inspiration came to the reverend’s haircut sermon.

– Sunday school teacher known for their “class”-ics.

– The sacred pew became the perfect spot to ponder religious views.

– The church retreat was nothing short of a “mass”-ive success.

– The hymnal notes are “pitch”-ing the Sunday song.

Holy Homonyms: Divine Wordplay in Church Puns

– The choir director said he had too many altos, it was becoming a hymn-possible task.

– The congregation couldn’t believe the priest had a habit of stealing, he was truly a mass-ter thief.

– At the church picnic, everyone was amazed by the bishop’s ability to balance on a tightrope, it was a real high priest act.

Feeling like you need a miracle to get through these? Hold on, there’s more divine humor ahead!

– When the church bell broke, the pastor said it was a sign they needed a new toll-free number.

– The church gardener was great at growing plants because he had a lot of faith in the soil.

– During the sermon on forgiveness, the pastor said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, but a pie for a pie makes the whole world kind!

Ready for a confessional? These puns might just be your spiritual awakening.

– The new church cook specialized in making unleavened bread, but she always rose to the occasion.

– The Sunday school teacher said that even though Jonah refused to go to Nineveh, he was just trying to avoid a whale of a problem.

– The church janitor was so meticulous that people said he was truly a man of the cloth.

Need a little more divine intervention? Here are some puns to lift your spirits even higher.

– The church choir decided to take up knitting, now they are all part of a close-knit community.

– The pastor’s new sermon about the beauty of autumn leaves had everyone turning over a new leaf.

– The sanctuary was so peaceful, one could say it was a pew-tiful sight to behold.

Divine humor doesn’t just stop there. Brace yourself for the final blessings of wordplay.

– The Bible study group decided to switch from coffee to tea, now they are officially steeped in scripture.

– The congregation was excited for the church renovation, they knew it was going to be a holy experience.

Sermons & Giggles: Divine Comedy at Its Punniest

– I confess, I might just be altar-ly obsessed with these pew-nny church puns.

– Don’t take choir so seriously; it’s okay to hymn and haw.

– That church bake sale? It’s a truly holy experience, full of divine intervention.

– When the pastor couldn’t find the communion wafers, he admitted to feeling a bit bread-less.

– Our church youth group is stirring up some real soul-food; they call it “Holy Guacamole.”

– If you sneeze during the sermon, just say, “Bless me!”

– When our choir practices by the river, it’s a case of going with the hymn flow.

– It’s no tall tale—when I met the new altar server, we clicked instant-angel-y.

– The church picnic was so much fun, everyone was feast-ing for joy.

– I asked the pastor if my puns were okay, and he said, “Thou shalt not pun-ish.”

– The church’s clock decided to stop, and now everyone’s praising time for eternal rest.

– My friend got kicked out of Bible study for making too many Revelation jokes. It was the end times.

– You can always count on the deacon-struction of a complex sermon.

– At our church retreat, everyone called it “Mass Confusion” when the GPS rerouted us.

– No need to worry about the church mice; they’ve all taken a vow of squeak-iency.

Heavenly Humor: Church Puns with a Twist on Idioms

– Pastor of another disaster.

– A hymn in time saves nine.

– Put your faith where your mouth is.

– Heaven helps those who help themselves to the potluck.

– Godspeed is of the essence.

– Preach to the choir.

– Blessed are the cheesemakers.

– A prayer in need is a prayer indeed.

– Baptism by fire and brimstone.

– All good things must come to a sermon.

– The devil’s in the details of the church bulletin.

– Better late for church than never.

– Born again yesterday.

– Faith is thicker than water.

– Where there’s a will, there’s a way to Sunday school.

– Every cloud has a silver cross.

– Good things come to those who tithe.

– Holy moley, it’s a miracle!

– Keep the faith and the faith will keep you.

– Many are called, but few are chosen to stack chairs after service.

Holy Wordplay: Church Puns That Will Sermon-ize Your Day

– The congregation couldn’t stop singing hymn-believable tunes.

– The church choir hit all the right notes, they were truly divine-tuned.

– Pastor’s jokes are so holy-cious, they’re practically sacrilege-ious.

– After a long sermon, everyone needed a short pew-se.

– Our church’s bake sale was a miracle, talk about bread and blessed!

– The priest loved physics, he always talked about mass and acceleration.

– That new hymn was so catchy, it was a real faith-banger.

– The clergy’s favorite cereal? Pastors of the morning.

– The church bell repairman was a real tolled model.

– The Sunday school teacher was great at drawing, she always doodled-disciples.

– The church janitor? He could really sweep away your sins.

– Our church’s WiFi password? Prayerbook123.

– The bishop’s favorite seafood? Holy mackerel.

– When the choir went on tour, they were gospel-globe-trotters.

– The altar server always carried the candle with a lot of zeal-ight.

– The Bible study group sure knew how to have a scripturally good time.

– The church always kept the faith; they were unflappable during a sermon-tation.

– That new church carpet? It was heaven-sent.

– Even the church mice were devout; they never missed a serm-cheese.

– The priest’s favorite dessert? Holy cannoli!

Heavenly Humor: Church Puns to Bless Your Day

– Let’s pray for a latte church fund! I think we need a coffee break.

– This church service has a great choir practice, it’s really a hymn-believable experience.

– Our pastor is so kind; he always gives people a piece of his sermon.

– Sundays are simply pray-some!

– Holy grounds are the best place to perk up your faith.

– The preacher won the race because he always takes the righteous path.

– Being part of this congregation is simply divine.

– You’ll always find pew-sitive vibes in our church.

– The luck of the choir is always in the hands of the harmony.

– Bible study group? Count me as a member of the Acts.

– We have a new acolyte at church – he’s a candle in the wind.

– We’re hosting a Holy Smoke BBQ next weekend, join us for some soul food.

– Always altar your attitudes for a better outlook on life.

– We kneel over the fact that no problem is too large for faith.

– Our priest teaches us that faith without sermons is dead.

– Everyone needs a little prayer-rific discipline.

– Psalm Sundays are the best days in the weekly calendar.

– Our church bell has really found its calling.

– Silent prayer is golden, but a praise a loud is music to God’s ears.

– Every church event needs a miracle of planning.

In conclusion, church puns are a fun and light-hearted way to bring joy to your congregation.

They can make sermons and church events more engaging and memorable.

So, don’t hesitate to sprinkle in a few puns and watch the smiles and laughter spread.


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